Being in traffic in Lagos city can be the much needed time for deep reflection. Looking through my window I see a guy. A guy with a fedora hat….hmmmn… cute. But what is he going through? What plagues him at night when he’s about to go to bed. Or is he as perfect as he looks with no worries? How would I ever know? Through the other window, I see a couple…or at least I think they are a couple. They seem to be in an argument, the woman crosses her arms and looks out the window. Problems in the marriage or a simple you forgot to turn off the sockets in the room this morning argument? And then, there is the ever present presence of hawkers….what would the Mercedes Benz in front of me do without them. First they called the guy selling brushes. The man felt almost all the bristles that the guy was hawking, didn’t buy anything. Five minutes later, he beckons on the guy selling some art, I think, oh, they must be shopping for a new house…silly me. Anyway, they buy a painting…beautiful one at that too.

The observing is done now, I’m all alone in the car now. Praiz’s album playing and then the number 8 track comes on and all sorts of emotions swim to the surface. Ahhh…..he had caused me so much pain. How could I not have seen it….or was he just that good at deception…but still, in my mind…I just feel…like I would forever, forever….oh….crap, this song is getting the best of me, Next.

And then there’s the struggle in my mind of how I would tell my father I need a laptop. I can just imagine the look on his face when he’s about to shut me down. Daddy, I need a laptop. What of the one you had before? It got spoilt. Eh ehn, what of your phone, isn’t that ok. No, sir. But I just gave you a tab now, what do you need a laptop for again? Well, they do not perform the same functions…I see… anyway…No. Yeeehh. How would I ask o? Aha! I should capitalise on the just celebrated father’s day and whine him….solid plan *wink*

Can’t believe I have to wake up at 5:30 am tomorrow morning just because I have to be in court at 09:00 am. Who invented internships? I’m young…I need this time to…you know….do young people things…but, oh well….I guess you should work while you’re still young. Internships are also a great holiday would not gain. Lol, how can someone come to court to collect a judgement debt of 10 naira? Just wasting the time of the court and the intern’s time and of course the lawyers’.

Law should be an interesting career to pursue. Or writing. Or cooking. Or make-up. Or presenting. Or music. Or business development. How am I supposed to know what career path to follow? I know I’m not the only one stressing about this, it’s on the mind of almost every young person with the exception of those whose lives have been planned out for them. Poor them….not to know the joy that comes from not knowing what to do. The feeling of adventure knowing you don’t know what you’re going to end up doing but knowing fully well that God’s in control. People fear this uncertainty…Me… I embrace it. I look forward to it and I know when I look back on all the choices I made without knowing at the time that they were major choices in my life. I would be content.

P.s: thank you daddy for the laptop. Love you loads. Happy Father’s day to you and all functional fathers out there.


  1. Of course the traffic paid off. But i guess after two weeks of such traffic, you would have your first bore and just write about how boring the silence and routine was. By then i suggest you get a traffic buddy if you don’t have one already.

  2. ↖(^ω^)↗↖(^ω^)↗↖(^ω^)↗ you’ve managed to use the thread of literature to sew impeccably well Nigeria, ur days, law and everything in between without any stitch of boredom… Brava! …