Five elections after Nigeria’s break from military rule, I’d like to think a new dawn is here in the area of democracy for Nigeria. Nigeria’s leading opposition party, All Progressives Congress (APC), candidates have been declared the winners of Saturday’s presidential elections. Muhammadu Buhari and Professor Yemi Osinbajo won the elections with just a difference of 2,571,759 votes. A total of 14 political parties participated in the presidential elections. The incumbent president in a show of sportsmanship has also congratulated, Buhari on his victory, thereby conceding defeat.

Now that Nigeria’s destiny is in the hands of another man, what are Nigerian’s expectations? For one, I suppose I speak for everyone when I say we expect to see the professed change. We know what we are changing from, but what we are changing to remains uncertain. Meaning of change. The era is past when aspirants say one thing during their campaigns and do something totally different when elected.

As a person, there are various sectors in which I would like to see evident change; the power sector being one. The health sector, the education sector, the government administrative sector amongst others. The power sector has recently been put in the private domain. The new government has to ensure that they keep an eye on the private practice of these individuals. The reason being that the provision of social amenities is still a fundamental objective of the government as contained in Chapter 2 of the 1999 constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria.

The Ebola scare should still be fresh in most of our minds. This area needs to be closely monitored by the current government. The hospitals need to be filled with qualified personnel at all times. The government cannot afford to let doctors go on strikes during its tenure. Training of intending doctors should also be a priority of the government. The old doctors can only know so much, hence the need to train new doctors who are abreast of all new developments in the medical world; this however does not undermine the relevance of the experience of the older professionals. Also, communication between Nigeria and the international community should be intensified. Knowledge is indeed power.

Nigerians dread having to go to any government agency to address any problems, why is this so? This is because of the incompetent that the government hires in the guise of job creation. Qualified competent people should be employed. Civil servants should know what exactly their job descriptions entail; this would even prevent duplication of office. Also, the civil servants should know they are a representation of the government as they conduct themselves in dealings with Nigerians on a daily basis.

As the new Buhari – Osinbajo administration prepares to take leadership of this country, efficiency and sustainable development should be their watch word.


  1. Free health care should be a key priority..people die in hospitals unattended to cause they haven’t paid some bills or the other…
    A plan for the youths should be worked on too..

  2. Great to see we’re all abreast on key issues. I feel this new administration have actually shot their selves in the foot by promising too much during their campaign,hence more expectations. But Tackling corruption,drawing more foreign investors and stabilizing our economy would be fair enough in their 1st term in office. Nice article

  3. Well said. However i will recommend two-prong approach should be adopted. The hard and soft interwoven approaches. The hard approach is to address the attitudinal behaviour of citizenry through aggressive institutional reforms. Someone cannot remove a wool from another person’s eye without first removing his own. So the these institutional reforms should start from inward. How the presidency conducts its affairs, critical review and reform of totality of the legislative arm to ‘de-robe’ and purge it of self-centredness. The judiciary is key to give hope to the common man as justice delayed is justice denied. The enforcer – Police should be enabled to protect lives, institutions and properties. Everything must be done to rid police of corruption and return their lost glory. Policemen must be protected to expose their superior officers for any wrong doings. Believe me, they have access to information. Until this is done, you cannot kill corruption.
    The soft approach is to give human face to governance through massive investments agriculture, housing, education, Health, transportation. Others should be left to private investors with good framework enacted.