All In 24 Hours


No kidding, time just flies past. The first step in actually conquering the struggle of time management is realizing that time waits for no man. You just want to laze around for a bit, probably gist, before you know it, 3 hours have passed. And it really isn’t like we don’t really know that time is passing. It’s just that we just aren’t all that bothered at that moment until we start seeing the repercussion of our actions.

The truth is time can be effectively managed. Otherwise, Jesus would not have been able to do as much as He was able to do in 3 years. When they say prioritize, a lot of us think that’s cliché, but it actually works. When you know why you have to read, you won’t sleep at the time you ought to be reading. This is because once you do anything out of your scheduled plan, other things will suffer.

In the first place, it is also very essential for you to have a schedule. This is another trivialised concept but one of immense value. Not only do you have a timetable for what you want to do in the day, but it also helps you to remember things you planned to do that might have been forgotten if not written down.

You cannot be an effective Christian if you do not learn the skill of time management. Although you are not of this world, you are most definitely in it. Because of this, you have spiritual obligations and physical obligations. You know you have to get ready for work, but you also have to observe your quiet time. You know you want to go for that wedding on Saturday, but you also have choir practice. You know you want to sleep, but you also have night vigil.

What does it then boil down to priorities and time management. Instead of going to watch a movie, sleep at the time for the movie and go for night vigil after. Instead of chatting, texting and gossiping, do other productive things that will free up valuable time.

No one will do these tasks for you. You have to them all in 24 hours.