Black or White


♫♫♫ Pa ra pa ra pa ra pa ra…waaoohh!!! ♫♫♫ But, this is not about Michael Jackson though. However, when I got the title of this post, it made me look for the M.J’s black and white video. May I say, hilarious, the Home Alone boy is a sight for sore eyes. That is not why we are here though.

Black or white, the yin or the yang, good or evil. Why should I have to be the one to make all these decisions on what is right and what is wrong? Are they even decisions in the true sense of the word, when society is laden with preconceived notions of good and evil?

This is something everyone struggles with. From the pepper seller in the market seeing another’s goods being stolen and keeping quiet to the bank teller who is termed overzealous by his/her colleagues and even the Presidents of the various countries.deci

Crystal clear or blurred? Half-truth or half lie? Where should the line be drawn? Another decision. Life in the end is a cumulation of a series of decisions that we take over time. Every decision counts, if you watched Fringe, you would know. The outcome of our lives is based on the decisions we take. As little as drinking tea instead of coffee can determine how much you’re going to put on. In the opinion of some people, little decision. Career choice, life partners, country of residence, religion, the so called big choices. deciso

Well, I beg to differ, the little decisions we make today affect the big decisions we make tomorrow. There is thus no big or small. What counts is that they affect our future. So, whatever decisions we make today, make it count.

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