Let’s face it, things change. What is more annoying is the way emotions change. I’m just totally perplexed. One day you’re happy, the next you’re all depressed. One day you’re in love, the next, heartbroken. Or even in the self-same day. It can be quite confusing. People say the only thing that’s constant in life is change, but I beg to differ. Change may be constant but God is also constant.

Sometimes however we just fail to see this truth because of all the changing realities and emotions we are experiencing. We begin to think God’s word concerning our life has also changed. The Bible says, God is the same yesterday, today and forever. There’s nothing we can do to change God. We can only do things to change ourselves.

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Just like in many math problems, there is always a constant. This constant is very vital to arriving at the final destination. Trust me, with God as your constant, there is only one destination. Favoured. So, yes! You may have missed a step in the calculation, you may have forgotten the formula but the constant doesn’t change. You may have gotten your heart broken, you may have lost the job you wanted so badly, your mum may have died; but the constant doesn’t change.

Despite what you’re feeling, despite what you’re going through or think you’re going through; God is constant. God said in Isaiah 43: 2, ‘when we walk through fire, we will not be burned’. Ever present ever sure. It may not feel like it but God cannot lie. So when you lose the job, God is with you; He’ll see you through. When that boy likes another girl; God will be your strength. When your loved one dies; He will not forsake you.

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Our constant is however influenced by our confessions. So when we experience whatever it is; let’s just remember to keep a cool head and remember God’s promises to us.


  1. Great write up as usual! God is ever constant truly! God bless you and your ministry even as you are a blessing to many, Amen.