Don’t Stress.


I almost did it again. Does anyone else have a problem with procrastination, or am I the only one? God help me!!! Last year, I wrote notes based on all the devotions in Open Heavens. The plan being to use them as a guide for my blog posts. The leading has however changed.  I don’t even know why I didn’t just take action straight away. Opportunity lost cannot be regained. 2015 is past. 2016 is here with its own blessings in disguise. We need to learn to act promptly on God’s leading to our spirits. I once had an idea. It was a lovely idea, I just didn’t know how to go about it. Now, all the major communication networks are doing it and I’m here like…Lesson learnt!!!

Ever felt as though at a particular time, nobody in the whole wide world could be feeling as sad as you? If no, the joy of the Lord must really be your strength. But, for us lesser mortals who sometimes falter in our faith, all I’m here to say is that if God created the world in just 6 days, 6 days is enough time for God to put your life in order. Put God to test this year, it isn’t business as usual.

Christianity as many of us think is however not magic. The Bible says, Faith without works is dead. What are the works expected of us? Praying, reading your bible, fasting, exercising your faith, giving, holiness. Remember the song, read your bible, pray every day, if you want to grow. Well, the growth that’s been spoken of is not exactly physical growth, it’s spiritual.stress

The word of God has creative powers. Imagine what it can do when applied to a fertile ground (your heart). Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Don’t just assume God knows about your problem. Tell Him about it. He will not act until you invite Him into your situation. Obey the word of God and see its manifestation in your life. Some people have studied the word, but cobwebs have grown on it because they fail to use it. It is good to know the word of God, but it is best to use it. The word of God is described as the Sword of the Spirit. God’s words are spirit and they are life.

We must begin to see life the way God sees it. God doesn’t see the problem, He sees the miracle that is about to be performed. Put your life in order and wait and see what God will do. The woman with the issue of blood took action. Knowing that all she had to do was touch Jesus. Then the healing was sure. Do your part and leave the rest. Don’t stress, just have faith.