Exhausted Options?


Matthew 11: 28 – ‘Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest’.

The Bible has a reason for every verse contained in it. Whether the reason is visible to you immediately or not, there is always a reason. The above scripture says, come unto me. It presupposes that God is not going to come down from heaven, drag us by the ear until we do what is right.

God is going to wait until you come. Until you have exhausted all your earthly tiny wisdom, He will wait. Until all your plans have been executed, He will wait. He is not waiting because he has nothing better to do, but because He knows that sooner or later, you will come to Him.

Notice how it doesn’t say ‘if, you come or when you come’. It’s a command. Come! As Christians, we have been taught obedience, but how many of us really do obey? The number will be quite a few. God has told us what to do but we must sha do our own first. We want to experience the pain of failure when we could have just saved everyone’s time and gotten it right the first time.

Most people find the strength to come to God in their helplessness. They are however those that obey God at the first instance and are all the better for it. They do not have to experience helplessness before they come running. However, for people like you and I, who have to fall down about 10 times before we get our heads on straight, we need to realize how helpless we are. We can’t help ourselves, God is our helper.

And, we can only receive this help when we truly and sincerely come into a realization of this. When we surrender all our degrees and qualifications to Him and come unto Him.


  1. Can you please suggest books on building a solid communication with God. E-books preferably. Thanks for heeding to your calling.