Following the Witness


Psalm 18: 28, ‘For thou wilt light my candle: the Lord God will enlighten my darkness’.

In the last chapter, Bro. Kenneth figured out the fleece hadn’t worked and left the church because it wasn’t God’s will. He was working out of God’s will, so the Spirit was hindered. When we work contrary to God’s will, we hinder the move of the Spirit of God.

However, not so long after, he got a leading in his spirit to go back to that church. Now because of his previous out of God’s will experience, he really didn’t want to go back to that church where all he had done was give talks. What we need to understand here is that a lot of the time, our will and God’s will can’t run parallel to each other. One must give way to the other.

You may have been waiting for a long time to hear from God, I want to tell you not too give up. The Bible in Isaiah 28: 16 says, ‘…he that believeth shall not make haste’. The devil does not really get why we are waiting on God to renew our strength when we can do it by ourselves right now, #notime. But the truth is, there’s plenty time if you’re still waiting. You’re rushing nowhere when you’re out of God’s will.

So because we did something a while back and failed without God, when God says, it’s now time to do that thing we hesitate. Probably because of the experience of failure. What we fail to realise is that things are different this time. Adding God to the equation can change the outcome of your life. The children of Israel, whenever they went in their own strength they always failed. But every time God went before them, there was clear difference.

This is the same kind of difference we can experience when we wait for God’s leading and follow it.