The most basic of all relationships is friendship. Yet there a lot of people who get hurt from this seemingly basic relationship. A huge part of friendship is what I’d like to call communion/fellowship. I don’t know about you, but from my own experience, friends can sometimes forget you.

I have friends that I think about and in my mind im like, ‘what kind of friendship is this’? not because they have done anything wrong but mostly because of the things they do not do. They don’t call me, they don’t text me and then when I even make the mistake to call 0f text they begin to give this really clipped answers that immediately makes you regret even thinking about them in the first place. Still, despite all of this, I know I can still call this person my friend.

Why all of this story? Here’s why! How many of us have ever sung the song, ‘I Am A Friend of God’? A bad friend does not make a person any less a friend. The truth is, majority of the time, we are bad friends to God. So when the bible says to remove the log in our own eyes before the speck in another’s (Matthew 7: 5), this is one of the things it refers to.

Before we accuse someone of being a bad friend, abandoning us, not replying our messages, not returning our calls, we should ask ourselves the kind of friends we have been to God and to our other friends. But most especially to God.

Abraham is a very great example of how God’s friends should act (James 2: 23). He was always on hand when God needed him to be. He was never too bust for God. Always trusted Him. Told Him his struggles when Sarah was giving Ishmael a hard time. This is a prototype of our friendship with God. Instead of gossiping about your problems with people with the same problems, tell it to somebody who can actually do something about them.

Man’s friendship excites God. He doesn’t just want to be Alpha and Omega in your life. He wants to be known as friend too. Will you be God’s friend this year?