Getting It Wrong


The general rule is that people can only give what they have. You thus cannot give anybody anything that you yourself do not have. Here lies our problem in the world today. We are always looking for help from people who really cannot help us. Not that they don’t want to help us but simply because, just like us, they are also searching for something that really cannot be found in human beings. The reason the world is unable to fulfil your needs is because the world has needs of its own that must needs be taken care of before even considering anyone else.

It then becomes a matter of knowledge. The sooner you accept that man by himself is really only man and cannot help you, the better for you. However, this knowledge will only leave you dejected if you leave it at that. The fact that man cannot help you doesn’t mean that your case is hopeless. In fact, you should rejoice in the fact that the answer to your problems or your need is not in the hand of a mere man with all the limitations of being a man.

The Bible says, blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven (Matthew 5:3). Being poor in spirit signifies a need that you cannot meet by yourself. A need for which you acknowledge human limitation and look to Jesus for. Most times, people are drawn to the Supreme Being that is God simply because they have a need which they realize cannot be met by the world. So after exploring all other avenues, we desperately run back to God. But God doesn’t mind our ignorant behaviour, he lovingly accepts us to Himself because nothing can ever separate us from the love of God (Romans 8: 38 – 39).

Then we encounter this love that has been freely given to us and it is just all very exhilarating. To know that while you were still being cool, someone somewhere became uncool just so you could live. To know that God loved you so much so that He gave His only Son, just so you could live (John 3:16). To know that He was despised of all men to give you access into the Father’s presence (Isaiah 53:3). When you encounter the love of God, your life cannot remain the same. It’s a life changing experience. You cannot understand Jesus’s sacrifice of love and do some certain things. You cannot understand His love sacrifice and continually nail Him to the cross (Hebrews 6:6). No, you cannot.

So today, God’s asking you to take some time out to understand the extent of His love for you (1 John 4). Don’t go around unloved, when there is someone (the only One that really matters) that loves you dearly.