Ghost Ship or Escape Gone Wrong


Emotions are an essential part of our daily lives. We wouldn’t be living if we never felt anything. Be it pain, sadness, regret, love, hatred, hunger etc. emotions can be suffocating and sometimes we just want to run away from ourselves but we cant. As a result, we learn to cope with these emotions, we bottle it up, we move on….truth is, we actually never move on until we act on these emotions.

Ships filled with dead bodies arrived at Japan’s shores recently. One cannot but wonder, what exactly happened? The ships have been identified as originating from North Korea. The dead bodies suspected to be North Korean defectors number 22.

22 lives cut short. 22 problems unsolved. 22 unfulfilled dreams. All because of economic and political hardships suffered in North Korea. They saw a chance and they took it.

What price is our country willing to pay for our emotional wellness? What influences our emotions? Can we really control our emotions? Do the tough really get going when the going gets tough?

In this day and age, emotional intelligence is of utmost importance, not only for people who dare to cross the Mediterranean illegally, but also for the policeman who at the slightest provocation fires his weapon.

We can never really unravel the mystery of these 22 deaths; there is however a lesson to be learnt. Life is far more precious to be wasted voyaging into the unknown. We may think where we are is so unbearable, but it really could be worse. So, in everything, give thanks.