Good Or What?


God is so good! If you think your husband is good, try God. If you think your wife is good, try God! If you think you are good, try God. God is good, all the time, always and forever. But today’s’ message isn’t about God’s goodness. This is just to remind someone out there of how good God is. It’s just amazing! God is already good at just the good level. Not to talk of His goodness at a great level. It just makes you wanna shout!!!! Halleluyah!

It really would be the worst thing for any man to miss out on the goodness of God while on this earth. Accepting God on your death bed is fantastic, but not as fantastic as the life you get to live when you go through this life as a Christian. There’s nothing really, to compare it with. You just have to experience it and then you know! In your mind you’re like, Eureka! This is what has been missing. This is the missing link. This is why I’ve been filling so empty all this while.

That’s the power of God in a person’s life. It just gives you a fresh outlook on life and all the possibilities that are available to you. Someone once told me that Christianity was an extra-curricular because I was involved in fellowship in school. If I didn’t have my own personal conviction, I might have agreed and listened to the person. But I already had my own personal experience with this personality called God.

So, regardless of what anyone said to me at the time, I knew what I was pursuing and there really was only one person that could get me where I wanted to go. This person was and still is God.

Truthfully, this really wasn’t what I wanted to say today, but you can’t argue with the Spirit of God. So whatever you’re going through that you think your life has most likely ended, there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, the devil has finally gotten you; God wants you to remember His goodness and count on Him being good in your life.


  1. God is wonderfully Good. U cant worship him and not experience his goodness. That’s why we say His goodness and Mercies shall follow us all the days of our lives. Trust him