Have You Eaten?


Have you eaten? The answer to this question can either be negative or positive. Yes, I’ve eaten or No, I haven’t eaten. To the best of my knowledge, I’ve never heard anyone say, ‘Oh, I’m not eating today because I ate two days ago.’ It is thus baffling when you ask Christians if they have read their Bibles or prayed that day; you begin to hear things like, ‘Not today but I read it last week’, ‘I’ll read it when I go to church’ etc. If eating is a vital part of your growth as a human being, what will you consider as a vital element to your growth as a Christian?

As a Christian, there’s no other way to grow in the things of God, except through praying and reading your Bible. This is a matter of spiritual blessings rather than material blessings. For material blessings, they can be acquired in a number of ways, some even based on biblical doctrines. But, the spiritual blessings can only be gotten by those who know how to, those who have mastered the art of reading God’s Word and praying.

So, have you eaten? Have you gotten strength from the Word and from prayer to conquer that molehill that seems like a mountain? Have you eaten enough food to dream dreams and see visions? We desire this things, but majority of us do not want to do the work that will ensure that such things begin to happen in our lives. We see mighty men of God doing miracles here and there and you’re just waiting for that day when God will do a miracle through you. Even doctors do not become specialists overnight.

It all boils down to one question in ministry, Have You Eaten?images (59)