His Bride


In the Bible, when God talks about the relationship He has with us, He refers to it in the marriage context (Isaiah 62:5, Matthew 25:1 – 12). He’s the Bridegroom, while we are His bride. The institution of marriage is a sacred one according to the intentions of the Bible. This is why it is used to represent the relationship we have with God.

Over time, it can be noticed that husbands and wife start to look alike. So, two separate people come together and some years after, they begin to look like one another. It’s the same way our relationship with God is supposed to be.

When we first come into contact with God. We are nothing like Him. But as our relationship grows, we are to be transformed into His image. We give our live to Him and we become married to Him. How then do we transform into His image.

The husband and the wife do not begin to look alike if they are separated. They must have maintained close contact over the years. Likewise, in our relationship with God, we are to maintain close contact, if we are to be transformed. You can’t come today and wait till next year before you pop in. you must be in constant fellowship with your Bridegroom.

Another fact is that marriages go through ups and down’s, this doesn’t mean the man doesn’t love the woman or that the woman doesn’t love the man. On the contrary, it6s the love that encourages them to put away their differences and make up. The same way in our Christian lives. When things aren’t going our way after we prayed and prayed and prayed, it doesn’t mean we should stop being Christians. We should remember the love of Christ and our love for Him. The Bible says, in this world, you will have troubles, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world (John 16:33).

Whatever the reason may be that stops us from living as the bride of Christ, just know today that the Bridegroom already took care of it.