Intercessory Prayer


There are all kinds of prayer. I however doubt that a lot of people these days are engaging in intercessory prayers. Here’s the problem. We are all focusing on the economy. We aren’t even alright ourselves, yet someone wants us to pray for someone else. When we think this way, we will never be able to pray for anyone other than ourselves. This shouldn’t be. As Christians, love should be the basis of our action. The best commandment you can ever obey is the commandment to love one another even as God loved you (John 13: 34). We need to know the importance of intercessory prayers in our lives as Christians.

In Isaiah, the birth of Jesus was prophesied. Yes, God had declared it, but if nobody had prayed it into being, who knows what might have happened. In Luke 2: 25 – 38, Simeon and Anna who had been praying for this Messiah could finally die because they had seen Him. Also, nobody gets saved into the Kingdom of Heaven without some prayers being offered on behalf of such a person. Someone somewhere prayed so that you could be saved. So why will you then say that because of the prevailing circumstances around you, you will not pray for anybody until your own prayers have been answered.

In Galatians 4: 19 (KJV), Paul said, ‘My little children of whom I travail in birth again, until Christ be formed in you’. This is an example of an intercessory prayer. He wasn’t travailing for himself, he was travailing for the Galatians.

Every spiritual deposit working in your life is as a result of prayer. Your prayers and the prayers of others on your behalf. Sometimes, you want to pray but you really cannot muster the faith to do so. Imagine the feeling of knowing someone somewhere was picking up your slack. We must all learn to pray for others. It doesn’t have to be for hours on end. A simple prayer here and there goes a long way. Pray for someone today.