Is He Sufficient?


John 14: 2 – ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you’.

If you take time to notice, you would notice that when Christians are evangelizing, we focus more on what Jesus can do for a person and less on what He already did for us. So we focus in the material possibilities with God instead of focusing on the love of God.

When such people now give their lives to Christ and they remain exactly the same in their outward situations, they begin to wonder, ‘did I do it right’? In our evangelistic pursuits, we need to shift the focus from things to God. From things that can be gotten to the person who gives.

It is because people trust in the things they can get from God more than they trust in God, that people get angry at God when things don’t go the way they want it to even with how much they prayed.

Until we get to a place where we know that we are in this Christian race for God and not for earthly comfort, we will not get the best of God. We may be rich, we may have perfect health, our lives may be good; but when compared to God’s best, we would have short-changed ourselves.

Today, I will like us to ask ourselves this question, ‘Is He Sufficient’? Is just having Jesus enough for me? Am I satisfied in Him? Can I let it all go if He says so? Can I serve Him in sickness and in love? Can I love Him even when disaster is rocking my world? Is He no. 1 in my life? Am I scheduling my life around Him or am I scheduling Him around my life?

These are the questions we should ask ourselves as Christians in these times. Christianity as we knew it is over, come up higher!