Josh Okoduwa Initiative


JOSH OKODUWA INITIATIVE is an organization that comprises of young, vivacious and excellence-oriented individuals who are strongly devoted to nation building and sustainable development, having seen the high level of socio-cultural decadence in our value systems. We are committed to rendering assistance to the disadvantaged from women, children and youths living in slum communities through empowerment and educational programs combined with charity initiatives that will reshape, restructure and reposition them for a better life ahead.

On the 19th March, 2016, JOSH OKODUWA INITIATIVE will be embarking on its first major project tagged “THE MARCH TO MAKOKO” the purpose of which is to assist residents of the Makoko area of Lagos state with food supplies, school bags, shoes, beds, clothes, mosquito nets and other daily needs.

Volunteers majorly from the University of Lagos will be going to Makoko to help create awareness on the dangers of child marriage, an unclean environment and unprotected sex. Some of the programs outlined include a ‘NOVELTY FOOTBALL MATCH’ ‘JOINT SANITATION’ with the community youths.

Most importantly, there will be interactions and development in some of their entrepreneurial skills such as ‘ARTS AND DESIGN’, ‘PHOTOGRAPHY’ and ‘MAKE UP’ positioning them to be leaders in their respective fields.

Their proposition to you is an opportunity to impact, impart, improve, implant and contribute to the society as well as participate in child/youth development. Let’s do this with them.

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