King Arthur


Sorry about the long hiatus. One way or another I kept procrastinating. I had written a couple of posts last week. Opened my laptop this week and they had disappeared. I actually cried, just a little though. If I had done what I had to do in time, that wouldn’t have happened. So I guess I’m trying to learn instant obedience to the Spirit of God.

I think I watched the movie, King Arthur the very week it came out. I’m sure we have all seen it by now. It was absolutely terrific. Funny enough, not only did the movie minister to my mind, it also ministered to my spirit.

The battle was raging on at the palace. But this battle could not be worn just by physical fighting. There were powers at work and power had to change hand. Power that had been purchased at the expense of the life of his loved ones and power that had been freely given. Power that made rich but also brought plenty of sorrow with it and power that brought no sorrow.

We can clearly see this two contradictions playing out in the roles of Arthur and his uncle. The first lesson, the Bible in Proverbs 10:22 doesn’t mention that God makes rich and adds no sorrow, just because it feels like informing us. It’s because the Bible is aware that there is another who can make rich; but whose riches come with sorrow.

Second lesson, there’s a physical battle and a spiritual battle. You cannot forfeit one for the other. That’s why the Bible in James 2: 17 says that faith without works is dead. Works without faith is also dead. They had armies ready to battle, but they both knew that the real battle was going to happen between themselves. This was the spiritual aspect of the battle. They were no longer fighting as men but on the strength of the power they carried within.

Today, the question is simple; what power do you carry within?