Know-So Salvation


1 John 5: 10, ‘He that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness in himself…’

Sons of God and daughters of God can expect to be led by God’s Spirit because of Romans 8: 14. We are not led by outside realities or the state of the economy or the revelation of other people. We are led by the Spirit of God, Himself.

Now, it’s not as though the Spirit is going to take our hands and begin to lead us. The Spirit won’t lead us that way. If the Spirit was a physical person then probably. But the Spirit is spiritual; He does has a need to communicate with us in the spirit through our very own spirits. The Bible tells us how in Romans 8: 16. The Spirit beareth witness with our spirit. What is a witness? A witness can be likened to a knowing, a conviction. So, the Spirit of God convicts us through our own spirits.

Most important in this spirit communication is that the knowledge that we are now children of God comes from our spirits because on the outside everything stays the same but on the inside, new life burgeons. It’s not because the Pastor prayed you begin to feel like a Christian, or because someone says, ‘Oh, you look like a Christian’. No. we know we are saved because the Spirit of God witnesses that fact to our own spirits.

It’s actually inexplicable physically, but we just know-so because of the inward witness which is nothing more than a communication of spirits. A communication between God’s spirit and ours.

Certainly, there will be people who will like to convince you that you have actually not been saved because you didn’t do it according to their own principles or because you do not attend their church but check out what the Bible says in 1 John 3: 14, ‘We know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth not his brother abideth in death’.

While still unsaved, we do not have the ability to love unconditionally. This ability can only be gotten in salvation. So, if you are looking for any test at all for your salvation. The test is one of love.