Knowledgeable Or Experienced


As a Christian, if someone were to ask you, ‘have you ever read the Bible?’ you would say yes. In church when there quoting a verse of scripture, we are very quick to complete it. Bible quizzes, you always find us there. What we however fail to realize is that there is a difference between having knowledge of the Word and being experienced in the Word.

Let’s bring it home. You know how employers are always looking for 5 years’ experience, sometimes even 10 years’ experience. It’s not because they doubt that you know it. It is that they want to know if you can use your knowledge to produce results.

Knowing the Word is fine, but can you use that Word to produce the desired result in your life? The process of getting acquainted with the Word and then putting this Word into practice is what experience teaches us. A lot of young people, I dear say, a lot of people are knowledgeable on the Word of God. They know the promises, the commandments, the do’s and don’ts.  If it’s in the Bible then they know it.

What they lack is experience in the Word of God. Even your regular school books, you don’t just read them and eat fufu then go to bed, No! You take steps to put the things you have learnt into practice. The Bible is not just for head knowledge. We need to move from being a knowledgeable Christian to being an experienced Christian.

Ultimately, being an experienced Christian leads to spiritual knowledge. So you read the Bible and you get the general idea, then you put it into practice and you get the experience. Through the experience you now get the spiritual knowledge of the scripture.

Being a Christian is not rocket science. All that God desires is a willing heart.