I want you to picture a beach, with a lot of sand. Now pick up a grain of sand in your mind. Good! Our human thinking is just as small as that grain of sand. God’s wisdom on the other hand is the rest of the sand on the beach. Translating to mean that the possibilities with God are limitless and the possibilities with man are limited.

See, man hits a roadblock and he’s like, ‘no, this thing is impossible’! In that same situation God looks and He’s like, ‘okay, how can this roadblock work in my favour?’ What we see here is not something that is so hard to comprehend, but we have time and again fallen prey to the notion of doing lives by ourselves, with our own limited sight, with our thinking grain of sand when we could easily employ the resource of the whole beach.

And it’s not our fault really. That’s how we have been wired. I’ve always heard, God will not bless idle hands. But what they failed to tell us is that what we are supposed to do with our idle hand is going to come from God also.

God has to be involved in every part of the process. It’s not about market research and what industry is viable and has a high ROI. Nope! God does not really care about those things, those standards were man-made.

So when we make choices based on those principles without spiritual backing or confirmation, we can’t really say that God is involved. God will prosper the works of your hand, but to be frank, prosper pass prosper.

And what I’m saying here is not restricted to business alone, it applies to every area of our lives. We can’t leave God out or only include God when it suits us, those days are over. If you want to be a Christian, be a Christian. But do not let your indecision cost the kingdom some souls. Because whether we like it or not, unbelievers are watching, just like a Tv show! What would be their review after watching you?


  1. This is a really beautifully crafted piece, it was worth the read. The part that caught my attention was the idle hands analogy. He gives the idle hands what to do. Even the scripture says he gives seed to the sower and bread to the eater. God is everything, he is our existence.