In Genesis 3: 7, when Adam and Eve figured out that they were naked, it wasn’t that simple. Before the apple, the glory of God was their covering. After they ate the apple, the glory of God that cannot behold iniquity left. What did the word naked even mean? Clothes hadn’t been invented then! But they were naked spiritually. They had God’s glory, God’s very own glory for clothes. Wow! Amazing! Nothing short of mind blowing.

See, God’s glory in a man’s life makes all the difference. The thing however is that God’s glory doesn’t come on just anybody. Especially today where we are all lord and master of ourselves. God’s glory isn’t gonna come on you, if you’re just going around your business. You need to be going about the Father’s business.

In Leviticus 9, God is about to visit the people of Israel. Before this could happen, they had to be prepared. They had to offer certain sacrifices that enabled them to encounter the glory of God. Prior to that when Moses had gone up to the Mountain, the people couldn’t look at Him, cos the glory of God was radiating from him.

Being in the dispensation of grace, we no longer have to offer blood of rams or goats. The ultimate sacrifice has already been made for us. Jesus didn’t die for dying sake. There was purpose behind His death. The requirement of holy living has however not been done away with.

The Bible in Colossians 1: 27 says, ‘Christ in you, the hope of glory’. Do you see a glorious future for yourself? It can only be found in Christ. People may try to deceive you, you may even try to deceive yourself, but for how long?

God is looking for people who will showcase His glory. I really can’t believe people still doubt the existence of God. In fact we are to blame for such. If we had been living how we ought, there will be no iota of doubt. We, even have doubts about God. This shouldn’t be. Pick a struggle. It’s either you believe God, follow Him and showcase His glory; or you don’t believe God. Simple! No grey areas with God.

The glory of God left Adam and he became naked. My question to you today, are you naked?


  1. Well… I think sometimes we are not to blame for our siblings and friends that do
    Not believe in the existence of God, because I feel its usually a process,so it might not happen as quickly as we expect it to but if we live right as you said and they see Christ in us they eventually come to Christ.
    So they probably haven’t acknowledged the existence of God because God is taking them through the phases and teaching them all that they need to know through the experiences so they can relay the same to their fellows and be living testimonies basicallly.