New Year’s Eve!


This is like my most favourite day in the year and you may ask why! Well, simply because God finally gets His much deserved praise. See, it’s so easy to just be ungrateful throughout the year, but there’s something about endings that make you cast your mind back to see how far you have come. This comes with a realization that you couldn’t have done it all by yourself. You couldn’t have been the one to keep yourself alive for 366 days. There has to have been something or someone higher than your small self that sustained you even when you never took cognisance of that fact throughout the whole year.

And that’s why there are always a lot of people at watchnight service. People who will not be in church until the 365 days cycle is over. A lot of us judge these people, but I think we shouldn’t. Even though they may be functioning under a misconception, the fact that they even feel a need to be in church at such a time is a step in the right direction. No matter how long they continue to be this way. God has a plan for all the watchnight service attendees.

So even as we usher a new year filled with possibilities, how about we nurse the possibility of what God can do with us, if only we let Him. And that’s the catch with God! Until you invite Him in, He won’t come in. The devil doesn’t need to be invited, that’s why we fall into temptations most times. But with God, the rules are different.

Let it not also be business as usual. Giving your life to Christ in the first week of the year and taking it back after he has blessed you a little! If he can bless you a little after that that amount of time, just think about the long run blessing.

Every person out there, needs to make a conscious effort to build a relationship with God in the New Year. Your life literally depends on it