No Classification


For whatever reason, we sometimes misunderstand our relationship with God. This shouldn’t be. Christianity is an institution. You can have your own personal experience, but the basic principles remain the same. So when I hear people qualifying Christians as good or bad, it just makes me wonder.

The disciples were called Christians in Antioch because they behaved like Christ. If you look through the Bible, you won’t see any place where Christians were qualified. But today, we have different classifications of Christians. Christians that are very spiritual, Christians that are prayerful, Christians that are good, Christians that are bad, and Christians that do just whatever they want. This ought not to be.

As representatives of God on earth we cannot afford to live our lives in any way we want. This is because our lives are no longer our own (1 Corinthians 6: 19 – 20). We have to use our lives and our bodies to the glory of God.

I think the reason most Christians misbehave is because they never come to the realization of how much their actions helps the devil. Why would you as a Christian be doing the devil’s job for him? This is exactly what we do, when we act without any consideration of our salvation.

Salvation is not a gift to be trifled with. It was obtained by blood. It’s a sacrifice. Don’t let your actions deter unbelievers from finding out about this God you serve. It is very true that actions speak louder than words. Before you even have an opportunity to speak to them, they have formed an opinion based on your actions.

So before you go around classifying yourself as a good or bad Christian; know that there is no place for double mindedness in the kingdom (James 1:8). In fact using bad and Christian side by side is oxy-moronic. It’s an inconceivable anomaly.

Ask the Holy Spirit to lead you aright.