Not On The Outside


As Christians, sometimes we have our priorities misplaced. Not only spiritually but even physically. A while back, in the hostel, the water was quite dirty. This was the only source of water available to us then. So I go out to wash my clothes and then someone asks me if the water won’t stain my clothes. The question is quite innocent. But the surprising thing is that she was using the same water to bath. And I’m wondering, which one is better, to was with the water or to bath with the water?

So that’s what brought about this write up. Sometimes, we find ourselves obsessing over the wrong things. Much like the Pharisees in scripture. In Mark 7: 2 – 8, we see the Pharisees obsessing over washing of hands. Jesus says something instructive here. He says that they have disregarded the commandments of God to keep the tradition of men.

This also rings true of Christians in the 21st century. We readily ignore the commandments of God for the tradition of men. Example, polygamy. By traditional standards, it really is okay to have multiple wives. But as a Christian, the Bible says in Matthew 19: 5, ‘For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh?’

It’s quite difficult with any breadth of imagination to think that the Bible presupposes

multiple wives or husbands. It’s pretty clear. This is another 21st century Christian problem; interpreting the Bible to accommodate our shortcomings. So you get divorced and remarry and reason that God wants you to be happy despite His Word in Luke 16: 18.

Let us stop obsessing over the wrong things that do not really jeopardize our eternity instead let us deal carefully and not trivialize things or actions that are capable of sending us to perdition.