Number One: The Inward Witness


Romans 8: 16, ‘The Spirit itself beareth witness with our spirits…’

I really like how the Bible says, ‘itself’. Like ‘hey you, don’t get it twisted, this work isn’t delegated to any angel or any messenger. I’m the one, me myself, I will be speaking with your own spirits’. And that’s awesome. But I think we’d believe it more if an angel actually showed up to talk to us. We just want that much exaggerated experience. But, we forget the fact that we already have that much exaggerated experience. In so doing, we ignore the leading of the Spirit while waiting for some spectacular act of God.

The reason why God chose to speak with us Himself is because nobody can alter the voice of God. Nobody else has access to our spirit man directly except God. A prophet may be wrong concerning your case or may for whatever reason deceive you. I mean look at the case of the old prophet who without hearing from God told the prophet that he had. Now, here’s where the inward witness comes in. It would not have taken that prophet anything to just ask God about it but he just went ahead on someone else’s word when God’s words had given him very clear directions (1 Kings 13).

Jesus visited Kenneth Hagin one time. They had spoken about the difference between prophets of old and those in this times i.e. Old and New Testament. Back in the days, only the prophets had access to God and they had to be extremely holy. This days, when we have a prayer, we just go directly to God. This is because the nature of sin has been removed from us and replaced with the nature of righteousness that Jesus Himself has. This is why God’s Spirit is able to reach our own spirits. A new testament Christian is not supposed to sit around waiting for the pastor to tell you what God said to him about you. Unless you are not serious about hearing from God. Pastors are only here to confirm what God has witnessed to your spirit.

It’s those that are led by God’s Spirit that are sons of God. Not those led by the prophets’ spirits. The inward witness can be just a voice. Sometimes it isn’t. Or just inward intuition not to do or do something. You feel it in your spirit. The more you think about it, the better or worse you feel about it.

Jesus said, ‘If you will learn to follow this inward witness I will make you rich, I will guide you in all the affairs of life, financial as well as spiritual. I am not opposed to my children being rich, I’m opposed to them being covetous’.

So, whatever we need in this life, all we need to do I listen to the inward witness. Don’t listen to the realities you can see and defy the Spirit. The Spirit virtually knows best. It’s not how logical the idea seemingly is, but whether the Spirit is leading you in that direction.

Don’t miss the supernatural while waiting for the spectacular.


  1. Thanks for this wonderful piece again. And I love the conclusion – not missing the Supernatural while waiting for the Spectacular (which has become the “in thing” these days)! May God continue to grant us His grace and wisdom to learn his word at his feet and through the holy spirit, Amen! God bless you and your ministry.