Pick Up.


Adekunle Gold’s new song sure is inspirational. It’s a plea that God should pick up his phone call. It definitely a great song, but there is however more to the message that the song passes. What we don’t know is what Adekunle has done in the place of prayer before singing the song, and even he has not done anything, I just feel the need to base this post on the song.

How many of us pick up strange numbers? A lot of people have a strict policy of not picking up numbers that they do not have in their contacts. How many of us are in God’s address book? Will God recognise your number if you called Him, not to talk of actually picking up.

Also, how many of us answer God’s call? If you pick up my call when I call you, there will be definitely be no problem with me picking up when you call me. God has called a lot of people, however it is just so easy to dismiss the call of God on our lives. But, when we call God, we expect Him to answer us speedily. Do unto others what you want them to do unto you. God will not call you if He thinks you’re incapable. If at all, we should feel happy that God thinks He can make something out of the life we would have otherwise messed up.

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The relationship you have with a person dictates your reaction when you see their call coming in. A smile for your boyfriend’s call and a frown for your creditor’s call. What expression does God have when you ‘call’ Him?

It’s the same way you see a lot of people coming to pray during exam prayers. Yes it’s good to pray, but it’s still a relationship thing. If a random stranger comes to ask for 5,000, you’ll probably wonder what the person’s intentions are, hiss and walk away. So, imagine when you didn’t pray all through the semester, you’re now coming to God to ask for good grades.

What you get from someone depends on the relationship that you have with such person. My point is, Cultivate a relationship with God, it pays.


Stay Blessed