Pray it Through


With all the rain pouring down, I think it’s safe to say rainy season is here. In the Bible, they had famine because they was no rain. With the rain, crops begin to grow and farmers begin to harvest the crops. Before sowing, the seed has to be pre-treated to prevent it from being corrupted. It’s just the same way in our Christian lives.

God wants to do great things through us and for us. But He isn’t just going to manifest on soil that has not been treated. We have to sow the seed. This seed is the word of God. Yes you’ve read the Word. But, how much of the Word of God have you prayed into your life? We hear about faith every time. But even faith without works is dead! The ‘works’ is the work  of your hands and the praying of the Bible promises until they become manifest in your life. Until the day dawns on the inside of you. How prepared is your soil? Have you sown the right seeds into your good soil? These are questions you need to ask yourself. Honestly, you can’t sow the Word of God if you aren’t reading the Bible. Read the Bible, get a word. Pray it through.

In Acts 2: 13 – 21, the disciples when they started to speak in tongues were said to be drunk. Peter however refuted this and said it was a manifestation of what Joel had said in Joel 2: 28 – 32. Now, how did they bring to pass what had been spoken of many years ago? Simple, they prayed it into their lives. Some of us have received prophesies and we just sit on them. Nothing is going to happen if you do that. You need to take the word and pray it through. There will have been no resurrection, if Jesus hadn’t prayed it through. The prophecies were all there, but he still had a part to play. You have to pray it through.

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