The Prodigal Son’s Brother


We have all at one time or the other read the story of the Prodigal son. Our focus always being on the actions of the prodigal son. But there are three separate lessons to be learnt from the passage in Luke 15: 20 – 32. One from the actions of the prodigal himself another from the fathers’ actions and lastly from the actions of his brother.

I will be focusing on the brother’s actions today. So I read this passage again a while back and the Holy Spirit ministered to me that a lot of Christians are exactly like the prodigals’ brother.

Reason being, as Christians we try our best with God’s help to live according to God’s Word. But, one day out of the blue, one sin loving brother or sister realizes their folly and comes back to the Father. The Father, being who He is, accepts this ‘sinner’ with oh-so loving arms. I can see why we’d have a problem with this.

But today, I’m just here to tell you that, no matter how many people give their lives to Christ and turn away from their mistakes, God’s love for you is still very much intact. God is not limited in loving. He isn’t limited in resources and you even have first dibs. That’s why the father in the passage in verse 31 had to tell the elder brother, ‘All that I have is thine’.

And this is the simple truth, the fact that the son missed his way didn’t change the fact that he was still a son. Just think about it, if the father could show so much love to a son who had utterly misbehaved, how much more you. You who have kept to his precepts and His every word. How much more.

So whenever a soul is won, be happy. Thank God. Because it’s a reminder of how much you mean to God.


  1. Very apt and much needed msg. God bless you and your ministry. The fire and power of the spirit of God will never diminish in your life but will grow exponentially IJMN, Amen. So proud of you.