Realistic Much?


A lot of us might have heard this phrase, ‘Let’s face reality’. Then we begin to face the reality of sickness; reality of poverty; reality of failure amongst others. This right here is the problem. Being realistic does not really gel with having faith. We cannot proclaim to have faith that things will work in our favour then go ahead to confess the exact opposite. I agree, it is no easy feat; just did the self-same thing (God will help us).

The 10 spies that went to search out the land gave a bad report because they were being realistic. Realistically, the children of Israel dared not stand up to the inhabitants of Canaan. Realistically, what Joshua and Caleb said was plain rubbish. They must have been high on something. Truth is we’re all as Christians high on the same thing as Caleb and Joshua.

This substance is the presence of God. When you’ve studied the Word and spent time in God’s presence, you’ll just know that you will be okay. There is a reason drug addict’s abuse substance. It takes them away from reality. Making unthinkable things, thinkable. When you absorb so much of the word, unthinkable things become thinkable. Just as they need to continually use it; Christians need to constantly replenish their Word bank. We cannot continue to draw out of the account without depositing more of God’s Word into it.

The temptation to be realistic is very great. You’re not very fine so let’s be realistic, you might not get married etc. but just think about the parting of the Red Sea. Most unrealistic thing to happen. I mean, a whole body of water was passed by on dry ground. If this doesn’t really impress you, what about Goliath. Realistically, David was dead meat once he accepted the challenge. But, what happened, God was with him. Or, how do you explain a virgin getting pregnant?

Stop being realistic and get high on the Word of God.



  1. On point! God help us to be Fantastically unrealistic by applying the word of God and the power of his Might in all our situations, Amen.