In Philippians 4:4, the Bible says, ‘Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say rejoice.’ What exactly is the meaning of rejoicing? Rejoicing is a feeling of great joy. Literally, it means feeling joy over and over again. Re- Joy- Sing. Why does the Bible feel the need to tell us to rejoice throughout Philippians? Well, sometimes repetition is crucial to driving a point home. How can I rejoice when my mum just died? Or, what do I have to rejoice over when the time to pay school fees is almost over and I still have no money to pay? We wouldn’t be human if we had all the answers.

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The point is, this is an express commandment. The verse doesn’t say rejoice when you’re happy or rejoice when feel like. Additionally, the Bible even says, ‘Be instant in season and out of season.’ I know sometimes it can be hard,  there really isn’t anything in your life going as you want it, but those are the times when you have to desperately hang on to the commandments of God.

It’s not even ordinary rejoicing. Its rejoicing in the Lord; that about makes all the difference. Rejoicing in the fact that you have been saved by the sacrifice on the cross. Salvation is a thing of joy, so if at all; in your human understanding, you feel you have nothing to rejoice over, rejoice because of your salvation. Rejoice because you know this world will soon pass away and you will make it to heaven. The joy we have in our salvation is an evidence of how connected we are to God. When that same salvation makes all your former friends desert you, it’s that joy that keeps you going. The joy of the Lord is an offensive weapon of consolation, encouragement and strength in the face of persecution.

Rejoicing is founded on and derived through the Word of God. It is needful in affliction, brings comfort and strength to press forward in times of trouble.

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