I’m a new creature, old things have passed away and behold all things have become new. This is the simple understanding we have when we give our lives to Christ. The transformation does not however end there.

Remember, in John 3: 4, when Nicodemus asked if we had to go back into our mother’s womb to become born again! We probably all laughed in our minds when we heard the story, but that is what figuratively speaking has to happen.

Saying the words make you born again, but how do you ensure that you do not lose the salvation that you have just gotten? This is a vital question that must be answered by every young believer today. How can I keep my salvation in this present time of parties, girls, alcohol, social media etc.?

For me, the simple answer is in sanctifying yourself with the help of the Holy Spirit. Sanctification simply means separating yourself; setting yourself apart; living to please God. The simple reason is that although we are in this world, we are not of this world. If we keep this in mind, we will not engage in half the things we engage in.images (1)

I don’t think I have ever met anyone who was not aware of his/her actions when he/she was giving their life to Christ. So, it’s quite baffling that we just trivialise this great gift that cost Jesus his life. You cannot say you have given your life to Christ and accepted him as Lord and continue to do all the things you previously did clubbing, smoking, drinking, drugs, gossiping etc. we actually need to put in some effort. Why do I say sanctification with the help of the Holy Spirit? Because the bible says by strength shall no man prevail, 1 Samuel 2: 9. Trust me, if we could win this race on our own, we coulda just gone ahead and done it, but we need God to see us through and my! are there countless examples in the Bible.

Yesterday, I was looking under my bed and it was neat. The thought then came to me that rats cannot survive under my bed because it was just too clean. Then the Holy Spirit said that if your life is this clean, sin will not be able to thrive. My point in all this is that we should not live our lives in a way that will encourage sin. For me, I had to decide not to go out for a whole year and it worked. I have another goal now. Tried it last year, didn’t really work out. Trying again this year. Failure is not damnation. It’s an opportunity to get closer with the Holy Spirit.images (3)


Stay blessed