Sin in Disguise


Social media today is a very great platform. All sorts of things go on there. A lot is to be learnt, both positively and negatively. Even from outright negative things, there’s something to be learnt and it’s my prayer that God gives us discerning spirits especially when it comes to social media content.

Anyway, for those familiar with Instagram, there are various pages that posts peoples’ dilemma’s and ask the public for solution. So I’m going through one of such pages and I see a somewhat controversial story. This lady has a boyfriend that she’s been dating for 4 years and is about to get married to him. Along the line, she meets a richer man who is also interested in marrying her. All well and good. But at what cost? Apparently, this man is gay and he needs a wife for a cover. The terms of the proposed marriage are also very controversial. She will be free to sleep with other men and gets paid salary and a bonus for bearing children. To a normal person it’s just that, but to a Christian it’s much more than that.

This is typical devil 101. You’ve probably gone through a lot in life and finally you’re about to succeed, but the devil will bring something that looks good, but really isn’t good. First, you had the relationship with the guy which can be likened to our relationship with Christ. We are going strong for the Lord and the devil knows you’re about to reach a point where there is no turning back, so he brings a superficially good deal. Staying with Jesus you’ll be okay. Proverbs 10:22 (KJV) says ‘The blessing of the LORD, it maketh rich, and he addeth no sorrow with it. But with the devil, he brings superficial riches. Riches that when all the chips are down do not really amount to anything.

So the girl can marry the guy and live a life of sin. Marriage is a sacred institution before God and should not be used for personal gain. To add to that, there’s adultery. All this is going to cost a person his salvation. The Bible in Mark 8:36 (KJV) says, ‘For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’ No matter the opportunity to get rich, if it will in anyway cause you to sin, as Christians, I think we should just rest in the knowledge of our inheritance in Christ (Ephesians 1: 17 – 19). It is going to be hard, but we have already overcome (Romans 8:37). Just know why you need to overcome in the first place. Christianity is the entirety of our being on this earth.


  1. There are no two ways about it… It’s a sin and a as a Christian grows spiritually, one would get to understand that money itself is like wind… There are many rich people who don’t mind being average just to have joy n peace and live a life of satisfaction… GOD bless you for this post dear