So You Got Into A Relationship!


The fad these days is that everyone wants to be in a relationship. Where the relationship is headed or if it’s even heading anywhere is not a question of priority. All we want to do is announce on Instagram or Facebook that we finally found ‘boo’ or ‘bae’, which is fine. Any person who cares to listen is welcome to the story of how your boyfriend is so great or how lucky you are that your girlfriend agreed to go out with you. But, all these things are not the things that make the relationship work.

The relationship works because you both take out time after all the prying eyes are long gone to just be with each other. The public sees how perfect or great the relationship is from outside, but it’s just the two of you who put in the work. After hanging out with friends, you still make out time for each other, why? Because it’s the things that happen behind closed doors that build the relationship.

As Christians, we can go to church all we want, mark the attendance for all the mid-week services, but if we aren’t developing our own private relationships with God, we’re just playing church. The Old Testament guys did a lot of playing church and just look at all the negative prophecies they got. They played church because they didn’t have a personal understanding of the person of God. Their fore-fathers said do this, but somewhere along the line they forgot the reason why. So only the commandment was being passed down and the children just didn’t have any time to seek God for themselves.

Yes, we have all the spiritual leaders. Pastors that are padi’s with God. But that wasn’t the plan. In the Old Testament maybe, but not now. Jesus came to change that. You do not have to wait on your Pastor to get a Word from God, you can just go right ahead and get it yourself. And as cliché as this may sound, it all starts with reading your Bible and praying when no one is forcing you to. Because you want to. Because you’re tired of just doing as you’re told. Because you want to know why you shouldn’t steal. Because you want to know why sex before marriage is such a taboo. Because your Pastor said that God said that He’s your friend but it doesn’t feel that way.

Christianity is not church, it’s a title for being in a relationship with God.