Son or Daughter?


As a child, when your parent is awesome, you just know. Before anyone asks, you gladly let them know that the awesome man/woman over there is your parent. The relationship we have with our parents is kinda the same relationship God wants to have with us. God wants us to be proud of the fact that He’s our Father. You think your mum is awesome, try God! You think your dad is the coolest, providing all your needs, God will blow your mind. We can easily give God what He wants, but the devil comes and makes it seem so hard. Making us feel as though our teenage years are wasting if we choose to begin this Christian journey at a young age. So we succumb to the devils’ pressure and act like orphans.

When we live in a world where the name you bear can open or close doors to you; the importance of bearing Christ’s name cannot be over-emphasized. Just imagine you being the daughter of the Most High God and acting like the devil’s house maid. Stop denying the power in the blood of Jesus.

Not only do the positions differ, the entitlements also differ. The daughter or son of the master has an all access pass to everything in the house. The house boy/girl needs permission to even drink water. So if we know this, why do we continually belittle our identity in Christ?

Salvation brings us into this relationship with God. Sin however jeopardizes our son ship in Christ. If there are any two things that do not go together, it is salvation and sin. The Bible says, shall we continue in sin and say grace may abound? God forbid. No matter how big the temptation to in is, there is a seed in you that gives you the power to overcome. Know who you are in God and where He is taking you; careless living will no longer be a problem!