Splendour Of His Majesty


You know how some people never have to shout. ‘I no fit shout’, ‘I can’t shout’ on and on and on. You can’t help but wonder what they have that they can’t shout about. For some, it’s the cheddar, for others it’s their beauty, yet still for some others, it’s their accomplishments.

So it becomes quite shocking when we find out that the one person that ever had a right to brag while on this earth never did. And yes, I’m talking about Jesus. You know what, if you take a close look at some of the splendid miracles Jesus did, you’d notice how He was always like, ‘oh, don’t tell anyone’, ‘just show yourself to the priest, no need to broadcast this’.

But for all those times, whenever Jesus told them not to tell, they always most definitely did. I’d like to think that they told, not because they wanted to outrightly disobey the commandment of God, but because the power they had just experienced was too majestic for them to just ignore and just keep on living normally. It was magnificent and if they kept it to themselves, they might burst with all the excitement.

Just imagine what must have happened in Matthew 9: 28 – 31, when Jesus had just healed two blind men. Expressly saying, no man should know it. It’s highly improbable that they suffered a memory lapse between the time of the express prohibition against telling and the time of the telling. But when God does something so marvellous and incredible for you, you can’t help but broadcast the goodness of God, the majesty of His person, you can’t help but use your life as a testimony of what God has been able to do in your life.

God had done something in the lives of these guys, but there was a group of people that God didn’t do anything for them. They recognised God for who He was and not for what He could do for them. In Matthew 21: 8 – 9, a multitude gathered right there on the streets worshipping God. Not for what He had done but for who He was. Hosanna in the highest. I mean tthe Pharisees and Sadducees were still on their high horses, but somehow, these group of people were able to worship God for who He is.

However, not everyone knows God for who He is. Majority know Him for what He can do, but only a few know Him for who He is. When Jesus was asking His disciples in Matthew 16: 13 – 17, who men thought he was and Simon Peter said He was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. Jesus said that flesh and blood hadn’t revealed it unto him but His Father in heaven.

We can only embark on this thing called worship when we have a true understanding of the person of Christ. This understanding isn’t physical. It comes by the spirit. That’s why the Bible in John 4: 23 says, that the time is coming when the true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth.

God is one of those people that legit do not blow their own trumpet, people do that for Him without Him having to ask. So your ability to worship boils down to two things: how much the Father communicates with your spirit and whether or not you know God for who He is.

We must take time out to truly discover God for who He is. Remember the Bible says, if you seek me, you will find me when you seek me with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13). God wants to be found by you, all you need to do is seek! Then true worship begins.


  1. This reminds me of the song “The Splendour of His Love”. His Majesty is all manifested in His love. The truest of worship we can give him is to be like him when it comes to love. Hence his two greatest commandments was to love God with all your heart and to Love your neighbor. The two go together and you can’t do one without the other. Great piece again Eni. God bless you and your ministry. May He replenish you always and take you to greater heights with your journey with Him. In Jesus Name, Amen.