Sunday Dishes


If you grew up in a home that had a mother figure, you would know that there were some special plates that only surfaced when some really important people came visiting or for very very special occasions. Yes! Those ones. Some of us have actually become like those plates. Just that we come out weekly.

This is a shade throwing party, so pardon me! Lots of Christians have become Sunday dishes (plates). Going through their week by the world’s standards and then suddenly remembering this divine being called God from 8am – 12pm every Sunday.

This can be the only explanation why you see supposed ‘Christians’ on JoroOlumofin’s page and other such pages advertising that their selling point is that they are good in bed and their love for God. This is the greatest oxymoron that can ever exist. One babe even said she was a worker in church, yet she was proudly sleeping with someone else’s husband. Ah ahn! Fear God. God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7).

No matter how early you get to church or hardworking at church, that’s not the criteria for making heaven. It’s high time we stopped living a lie. We all know what we ought to do, so why don’t we just do it? Being a worker doesn’t stop at the doors of church.

Look at Mary and Martha. Martha was just working to cater to Jesus’ needs, no hunger for the spirit of the person of Jesus. Another classic example, Cain and Abel. God accepted the offering of Abel and rejected that of Cain. Not because it wasn’t a good offering. But because the necessary state of mind was absent.

Your mind set cannot be worldly then you expect to serve God in spirit and in truth (John 4: 24). Kolewerk! It will be easier to achieve this mind-set if at least, we go through each week with a God-ciousness.