The Approach


Our approach to life differs depending on the particular situation we find ourselves in. You won’t approach the eve of a very important exam the same way you’ll approach New Years’ Eve. You also won’t approach your lecturers or boss the same way you’ll approach a fellow student or colleague. You won’t approach a marital problem the same way you’ll approach a squabble amongst friends. Ultimately, our approach differs and how we approach certain situations matter.

We’ll take two examples from the Bible of people who approached Jesus. Both stories can be found in Mark 10. In Mark 10: 17 – 22, we see a man who came to ask Jesus what he could do to inherit eternal life. His life was actually in order, but for one thing. He couldn’t forsake all and cling to Jesus. He therefore didn’t end up getting what he came for.

However, in Mark 10: 47 – 52, we see another man who also wanted something from Jesus. He was crying out for Jesus to have mercy on him. Then Jesus finally hears him and beckons to him. Verse 50 is very instructive. Nobody advises him before he casts away his garment. He cast away his garment. He forsook all. He left the things which were behind and looked totally to the saving grace of Jesus. Not that he wouldn’t have to wear clothes ever again, but he couldn’t keep the same garment on him after experiencing the grace of God. He ended up getting what he wanted from Jesus.

The difference between these two individuals is their approach. One wasn’t ready to leave his garments behind and follow Christ while the other was.

Today, whatever garment you’re hanging on to that is not allowing the glory of God manifest in your life, let go of them now.