Matthew 5: 16 – ‘Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.’

The story of Moses and the burning bush can be found in Exodus 3. They are a lot of parallels in the old and new testament all pointing to the nature of the relationship God wanted to have with His children but couldn’t. However when we read the stories in the old testament in light of the finished work of Christ in the New Testament, we see that God has always communicated His will for mankind even with the limitations of the old man.

With the unending possibilities of the new man (being rooted in Christ) (Matthew 19:26), God no longer needs to communicate through objects or artifices (e.g. The ark of covenant, Noah’s Ark, the Temple and in this particular case, the burning bush). Why? This is because when we take on the life of Christ, we become God’s human burning bush.

A burning bush emits light. Fire emits light. It couldn’t have been smoke because if the bush was not burnt, there could be no smoke. It was the light that drew Moses to the bush amidst the fact that fire ought to consume the bush, yet the bush was not consumed. This is because the fire of God in a believer is not a consuming fire but a refining fire (Malachi 3:2).

Gold and silver go through fire, ceramic also goes through fire but have you ever seen burnt gold, burnt silver or burnt ceramic? No. That is because it is a refining fire, to bring out the best in whatever is being heated.

A consuming fire on the other hand will destroy everything in its path until it is successfully put out. God’s consuming fire/wrath can only be put out by the blood of Jesus. Ultimately, it’s up to us, do we want to experience the refining fire or the consuming fire?