The End?


Maybe it’s just me or do you ever think about what happens after death? Well, I do. However, I am torn on whether I anticipate it or whether I fear it. I anticipate it because I know I’ll get to see Jesus and all, live on streets of gold and what not! I also fear it because what if just at the point of my death I commit a sin, (probably tell a lie), and I do not get an opportunity to repent, that is automatic damnation….mehn.

Knowing that life does not just end here but continues in eternity is something we really need to ponder upon. Where do I want to spend eternity? Remember the story of the rich man and Lazarus? The rich man lived lavishly, I mean he had everything and anything he wanted, the Bible in Luke 16: 19 says the rich man lived in luxury EVERYDAY. Lazarus on the other hands was full of sores which were licked by dogs at the rich man’s gate.images (25)

They both died. The story does not however end at death. Do we want to enjoy all the good things of this world while foregoing the best things of heaven? The prevalent answer is yes, while the correct answer is no. Faith comes into play here. Jesus in John 14:3 said He was going to prepare a place for us and He will return to receive us unto Himself. If you know and you know in the depths of your heart and you have a strong conviction of what awaits you after this life, what this life has to offer cannot faze you.

Recently, someone told me I was the most God conscious person he had met. This truly reflects the state of the Kingdom today. A lot of church goers but not a lot of Christians. Why waste your time going to church if you’re not gaining anything? The main reason people even go to church is to get blessed. Physically, forgetting that man is a tripartite being. images (23)The real blessing in salvation is eternal life. Since you already go, just get all the benefits you can get while at it. Don’t waste your time and don’t waste the Pastors’ time.

Make a conscious effort today to live your life in a way that would ensure you enter into Gods promise to you as a joint heir with Christ.

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