The Esau Syndrome


We seldom hear the word, Self-control. This is because this is not a concept that many people are familiar with. Someone annoys us, we get angry. We’re having a bad day, we take it out on everyone around us. We never stop to think, we just act. If someone annoys you and you act out, everyone begins to rationalise it for us, doesn’t make it right. This things ought not to be.

Classic example of someone who didn’t have self-control in the Bible, Esau (Genesis 25: 29 – 34). Esau was so hungry. He had worked from morning till night. He hadn’t eaten a thing. He saw a chance to eat something and he took it, he really was not processing the effect of his actions. All he knew was that he had a craving and he had to satisfy that craving. People know what you need and they will be willing to give it to you, but at what price? For Esau, he sold his birth right.

For Esau, it was food. For you it might be girls, it might be dubbing in the exam, it might be boys, and it might be just lashing out at somebody. You’re surprised you fall into the same category as Esau, yh? We are always so quick to condemn him when we ourselves, are guilty of the self-same thing.

The problem is that we always want to gratify the flesh without edifying the spirit. This is the simple truth. We want something and we must have it, no matter the cost. But as Christians, it’s about much more. We need to stop and think about the effects of our actions on our relationship with God.

You badly want that guy to notice you, so you put on the shortest skirt or whatever tricks you may have, but does that edify your spirit? Yes, your flesh may feel accomplished when he finally asks for your number but your spirit is screaming in agony.

Or you may be in the exam hall and you have no idea the answers to the question. What do you do? As a Christian, do you begin to look to man to help you or do you carry your cross? Your flesh may be disappointed that you’re about to fail woefully but your spirit rejoices because you mad the right decision.

You know the feeling when you’ve finished abusing someone’s generation just because the person stepped on you and didn’t say sorry or poured hot stew on you by mistake and was not remorseful. Will you die if you just let it go and move on? No! But we don’t want people to think they can just mess with us and go scot free, how about how God thinks of us? In the book of Job, I love how God was so sure of Job. He was like, ‘have you considered my servant Job?’ Amazing! I don’t want anything more than for God to be this sure of me.

We forget the ultimate goal of our Christianity, to make heaven. Jesus didn’t die just so you could marry the finest wife, get the best grades or drive the fastest car. He died so you could be redeemed from this world. So when we make the physical things more important than the spiritual things, we get it absolutely wrong. Not to be mistaken, these things are important, but not at the expense of the spiritual.

I urge us today to remember the child of whom we are. You can’t go out and be acting anyhow, keep yourself in check. Ask the Holy Spirit for help.


  1. Awesome,i like the part that jesus didn’t die for us to marry the finest wife or have good grades,yes..thats so true!!!…thank you for this…I hope everyone can understand this..May God help us…thx Enny.

  2. Thanks for the reminder on self control and self-containment again! For self-contentment is a great gain indeed! Love you much and God continue to bless you and your ministry!