The Legacy


The ruling party in Lagos state has succeeded in retaining power as the APC’s gubernatorial candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode, emerged the winner of last weekends’ gubernatorial elections. It can be said to have been a landslide victory as Akinwunmi Ambode won in 15 of the 20 constitutionally recognized local governments in Lagos state. Following in the footsteps of President Jonathan, the opposition candidate, Mr. Jimi Agbaje has congratulated Mr. Ambode on his victory.

The road to success has not been smooth for the Ambode- Adebule pair. Now that the elections have been won, what do we as Lagosians expect from the coming government? We have all experienced politicians who say things during their campaign and get into power, just to do the direct opposite. Therefore, in the spirit of holding Akinwunmi Ambode to his words and nothing more, I would just like to state the things we have been promised as Lagosians.

Ambode promises L.A.G.O.S. This acronym stands for leadership, accountability, good governance, opportunity and service. Lagos as a state has blazed the trail in Nigeria when it comes to all of the above stated. Obviously, we elected him to be a leader, there’s no need to promise us leadership, its only incidental to being the governor. As for the rest how does he plan to go about them? The strategies that he has to implement to make sure the government truly is accountable and all the rest.

For the key areas his administration will be focusing, we have agriculture, economy & jobs, education, entertainment & arts, housing, infrastructure, medical care, rule of law, security, tourism, culture & sports and transportation.

Increasing agricultural ideas in Lagos state, good idea. However, in carrying this out, he has to think on how these activities would in the long run affect our environment. Arbitrary use of the environment should be curtailed and sustainable development should be the governments’ watchword.

Improve the economy and create jobs, excellent! The government plans to set up a Lagos Employment Trust Fund with 25 billion naira over 4 years. Where is this 25 billion coming from exactly, once again, the principle of sustainable development comes into play. If the government wants to give money to unemployed youths, then it should also devise a system to get returns on their investments. The government also wants to provide tax incentives to business men. This is almost impossible, because the bulk of tax this class of people pay is the personal oncome tax which is solely in the ambit of the federal government to legislate upon. A solution to this will be to form an alliance with other states and together call for a constitutional amendment as that is where the problem stems from.

Ambode has also promised to ensure that all our ministries, agencies and parastatals uphold the rule of law, by rendering services in accordance with laid down rules and procedures, to guarantee the protection of the rights of all citizens. How does the government plan to keep an eye on what every single civil servant is doing? This is a commendable one, it is also a hard on to see through. For this to work, the system has to be completely overhauled. Affirmative action should be taken to represent all the ethnic groups present in Lagos. This in my opinion will also foster unity amongst the residents.

Akinwunmi Ambode has gotten the confidence vote of the people of Lagos state, will he disappoint us, or will he surpass our expectations. Who knows, we can only do our best to aid him in building the Lagos of our dreams and taking each day, one step at a time.