Till They Run Mad


Luke 6: 11 – ‘And they were filled with madness; and communed one with one another what they might do to Jesus’.

I just like how the Bible describes this scene. They were filled with madness. These were renowned men. Men that held their own in respectable society; but these men were filled with madness. This men were not ordinarily mad, but for some reason at that point in time, they were filled with madness. You know how celebrities have to always smile and be nice. These men were like celebrities of their time. But somehow, something about Jesus just filled them with madness. May your enemies be filled with madness at the thought of you.

Not just ordinary madness. But madness over what God is doing in your life. If your life is just ordinary, there really isn’t anything to get mad about. But when you’re young and getting it. When you know God’s call on your life. When everything you touch truly begins to prosper, then your enemies will have something to be mad about. Personally, I can’t wait for my enemies and detractors to be filled with madness.

It will be a sight to behold. Do you know why? Because, when people ask what’s making them so angry, they really can’t open their mouths to say it because then they look like the enemies of progress that they are. When the Pharisees were asking Jesus all those jamb questions, we know what was in their minds (Matthew 21: 25 – 27). But the answer they gave aloud was always different from what they truly wanted to say because they didn’t want to get on the people’s bad side.

That’s why you must not just run this Christian race haphazardly (Habakkuk 2:3). You have to run it to a point where God’s blessings are so evident in your life that your enemies begin to get filled with madness. Oh, glory to God!

They communed what they might do, but only the counsel of God stood (Proverbs 19:21). Nothing happened outside of God’s plan. Just the same way since we are heirs with Christ (Romans 8:17), no amount of communing will take us out of God’s master plan.

Just trust in God and watch your enemies get filled with madness.

P.s: This really excites me for some reason! Stay blessed!


  1. I’d like to add also that we as believers have been called to live a life that’s different, not to practice a religion but to have a relationship with our father. Our life now is different Gal 2:20.
    We should come into recognisance of the life we have been called to, and just like Christ, we’ll counfound our enemies and they’ll be filled with madness.

  2. This really excites me for some reason too! And the write up was so witty and on point. Let the Lord continue to arise in our lives and the enemies be scattered. Amen. Stay blessed