To Cover or To Feed?


Absolutely bizarre to find out, that in some countries, feeding your child in public is considered exposing your sexual organs. This all began with a picture of a woman breastfeeding her child on a Beijing subway. The passenger who captured this scene, captioned the photograph, ‘let me remind you, this is a Beijing subway and not a train running in your village.’

Obviously, this person must feel really civilised in his/her mind. Real regal to think that breastfeeding is only befitting in a train running in the village. The statement can only be chalked up to one fact, he/she was not breastfed as a child and thus lacks some vital elements important for brain development that can only be found in breast milk.breastfee

Imagine, if this culture obtained in Nigeria. It cannot even happen. There are some things that are just beyond our control. If anything, laws should be passed in every country that ensures the nursing mother enough privacy or freedom to feed her child when she needs to.

Are you also of the opinion that breastfeeding in public is an exposure of sexual organs?


  1. it is definitely an exposure of sexual organs but that doesn’t mean it is wrong, at that point in time of public breastfeeding it is needed and a lot sexual organ exposure has been allowed due to civilization so I don’t see why public breastfeeding should even be an issue.