What Does God Want From You?


In life, there are certain questions we must ask ourselves as we proceed on the journey that is life. It is not just the asking that is important but also the answers we get to these questions. A wise man once said, ‘It is not the questions that have no answers we should worry about, but the unquestioned answers’.

That statement resonated deep within my spirit and got me thinking thoughts I had never even averred my mind to erstwhile. One of such questions is the title of this post. Seriously though, have you ever asked yourself, ‘What does God want from me? The answer you give will help you know if you are truly interested in a relationship with God.

Many of us have entered into friendships, relationships and have found ourselves questioning the other person’s motives for doing what they do. Especially in romantic relationships that have not fully budded. It’s mostly the ladies that do this kind of asking though, so you hear something like, ‘where is this relationship leading?’, ‘what do you want from me?’, ‘what am I to you?’ etc.

It would be amazing if we could ask ourselves these questions concerning our relationship with God. And, the joy for me is that the answers we are searching for are right here on our nightstands, in our phones, on the internet, it’s called the Bible. The Bible says in Proverbs 25: 2, ‘It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings’.

God is more than a get rich quick scheme. He is more than a doctor. He is definitely more than whatever we have pegged Him inside of our heads to be. God is the lover of our souls. And all He wants from us first and foremost is communion, fellowship, friendship. Friendship with God is the best thing that can actually happen to anyone on earth. It is so refreshing. Don’t pass it up for anything, I beg you. Allow God love you. God so badly wants to show each and every one of us exactly just how much He loves us. Please answer Him today.