In Genesis, when the sacrifice of Cain was rejected? Have you ever stopped to consider why it was rejected? On the surface, it was a good offering, but the heart of the offeror was not right, so the offering became not right. The state of our heart is step 1, the expression of the state of our heart is step 2. You cannot skip step 1 and get step 2 right irrespective of how well done step 2 is.

The church was also not made to be a place of individual people, the church is to be a community. A community of like-minded people mirroring the life of Christ on earth and with a common vision of making Heaven. I think it’s high time we went back to read about the church of old. We need top truly begin to see each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.

If we cannot even learn to treat each other as Christ treated us, how much more unbelievers? We are the only Jesus they see and if we continuously behave in exactly the same way they do, why will they bother to even inquire about your faith? Your life should be the greatest message you should ever preach.

This is why Jesus Himself had to come and show us the way. In the Old Testament, God tried to tell us the way. But, we think differently, so we messed it up. We needed a real life example, someone who could encourage us so we know it’s doable. It is doable. It is possible to live life sin free, following peace with all me and serving God. It is very possible. On our own it is very impossible, but with the Holy Spirit, it is very possible.

So brethren, let us put away every weight that easily besets us (TV, Music, Movies, Magazines, Driving Fast, Keeping Seats (know your triggers and avoid them)); and let us run with patience, the race we signed up for when we accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Personal Saviour.