Matthew 15: 8 – ‘This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me’.

Brothers and Sisters, there is no need for us to be in this Christian thing if we are only in it physically. Jesus didn’t come to save your body, He came to save your spirit, to redeem your spirit to Himself. He has never needed worship from a physical state. He wants spiritual and truthful worship (John 4: 24).

So I went to church the other day for a meeting on a weekday by 8am. You would think that all these people knew what they were here for. Some didn’t. Not only once but twice, I saw people having serious disagreements over seats. The Pastor had even told the congregation to refrain from keeping seats for persons who were not on hand. Now, we have disobedience to spiritual authority (Romans 13: 1 – 7).

Then, as someone asks whether the seats are occupied, they keep telling him they are. In his mind, he knows they are lying, so he says, ‘If you are lying God will not answer your prayers’. There is absolutely nothing wrong with these statement, as they say, ‘The truth is bitter’. But the Bible also tells us that the truth sets free (John 8: 32). Again, if you are not lying about the status of the seats, you have nothing to worry because as a child of God, you shouldn’t even be lying in the first place.

An argument ensues later when apparently the person who uttered the statement also had a kept seat. The Bible says we should take care of the log in our own eye before talking about the other person’s speck (Matthew 7: 5). What we see here is the state our hearts may be in if we refuse to let the Holy Spirit di His perfect work in us.

We need to break out from the habit of coming to church because they said there is a program going on. We should come to church because of a deep need for fellowship. Now not even fellowship with a Pastor. Fellowship with one another. Sharing our successes and failures with one another helps us stay grounded in Christ even when it may seem like He has left the scene (1 Peter 4: 12 – 13 MSG).