Why I Picked Up the Laptop


I didn’t know exactly which category to start with……so I thought, why not start where nobody can dispute what you say, yourself. So, yes! This is my first blog post on niolalonge.com. It feels so good to write that by the way. I had the idea to start this blog last year, procrastination got the best of me!, and crappy internet connection to mention a few. I guess I’d better get right into it.

I had been hearing about this social media week event of a thing, so I decided to check out this years’ event. Unfortunately, being a student I couldn’t attend all the sessions. By some providence, however, there happened to be a week long break in my faculty. It was as though I had to be at the event or it wouldn’t be holding :p. The sessions I had the privilege of attending were all very educative, entertaining and informative. Don’t even get me started on the network opportunities the forum provided!!

Image and Time hosted the first event I attended, it was titled learning on the digital frontier. For me, it was a brilliant session not only because I’d gotten to the venue in a coaster bus with only 3 other people on board but because of the richness of the material which was being offered to me free. I’d actually considered taking online courses in the past but had never really gotten round to actually doing this. At the event, I was made aware of various sites that offer online courses such as Coursera, NovoEd and a host of others. There are even online universities, imagine getting a degree virtually, from a school that’s fully accredited and to top it off, IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE. I don’t know about you but free things do it for me. Well, most of the courses are offered for free. Do you know why I think online courses are the future, well because it affords you the opportunity to gain skills we want to gain but are not being offered in our country at present, without the hassle of travelling. Not to imply that these courses are all heaven and no hell; the major problem with online courses is that they may be teaching at a faster pace than you can learn, with no option of slowing down. Also, for those of us who crave an online presence, tips were given on how to mark your territory on the cyberspace. Audience and action, you have to streamline who you want to talk to online and tailor your content to meet the needs of these people, once this is done, simply take action. Brand and band, what do you want people to think about when they hear your name and who do you want to take on this journey with? Content and challenge, your content has to actually pass a message and challenge your audience to be more and not just take up space. Design and digital, take it digital and make the design appealing, this still boils down to branding. Engage and educate, your content should engage your audience and give them quality education that keeps them coming back for more.

Edel Technologies also hosted an event, titled; Lessons from Leading Women in Tech. the various issues that plagued women in the technical industry were discussed, ranging from the difference in salary, the lack of opportunities for qualified women; in essence, Gender discrimination. It was thus a platform to encourage and motivate other women who were interested in the technology industry to keep at it and strive for excellence whether or not somebody gave you the opportunity to. It’s in our hands, ladies!

Later in the day, there was an independent program organized by Bogobiri House called Taruwa. It was funny, the acts were amusing and Bibs, the host was spot on hilarious. Taruwa is a platform where people have the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents. Aramide (Feeling this Feeling) even showed up. It was like the chill spot of chill spots, except, I was standing and my heels were killing me, YES!!, it was that crowded.

I had a radio show to prepare for the next day. I love radio, totally. My first encounter with radio was the Beat 99.9 FM. I just loved the way they spoke on radio without anybody bridling their tongues or judging them; even if they were judged, it’d be after they had said what they had to say. And, that’s the feeling I get whenever I’m on radio. I mean little me, getting to air my views on a subject to a whole continent, because it’s an online station; IGroove Radio, so guys make sure to tune in to my show every Wednesday at 2pm; fingers crossed for the network. If you however miss the live show, there are podcasts, so you have no reason not to listen to me. Remember how I said I was a student, well I had tutorials in the evening with the girls; you’ll meet the girls later. Tutorial was everything I hoped it’d be; one thing you should know about me, I totally love education. It rocks.

At the end of the week, I had learnt new things, gained insight, met people, lots of people. Though I still procrastinated with posting this again, I’m finally posting and beginning my journey as a blogger; in essence guys, follow your dreams….XOXO.mission-accomplished-gif-cartoon