The Word Made Flesh


Jesus Christ is the Word of God. It’s not about just reading the Bible, it’s about building a relationship with the Word of God. Since the Word of God is Jesus Christ, then it’s about building a relationship with Jesus Christ.
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The Word of God created this earth we live in today. How? By utterance. God said, let there be light and there was light; let us make man in our own image, in our likeness and it was so. If you’re doubting the power in the Word of God, then you should re- read the story of creation.
If the Word is profitable to create, how much more to effect repairs; because this is what we need in the world today. We need the Word to repair our corrupted minds. God sent his Word ad He healed our disease. The Word of God plays a vital role in our thirst for revival. This is because dwelling on the Word of God brings the much needed guidance on this journey.
Apart from prayer, the Word of God is also a weapon of spiritual warfare. We really can’t fight principalities and power without the Word of God. To even pray effectively, you need the Word of God. The Bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and power; against spiritual wickedness in high and low places. The Bible then says God’s Words are spirit and they are life. It is a two edged sword. Knowing we have a two edged sword, why do we fight the force of darkness with toothpicks, belts and sticks?
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God’s Word prospers in whatever it is sent. There’s never been a time when the Word of God failed. I mean seed time and harvest time shall pass away, but God’s Word will not. This emphasises that we can utterly depend on the Word of God. God said it, You believe it. That’s the A – Z of the whole issue.
When you read, you skim the surface. When you study, you discover the treasure. Don’t just read your Bible today, ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding.
It’s not just about knowing the Word of God, it’s about believing.

Culled from Open Heavens.